Hockey's New Best Friend


Over 2 Million Ice Hockey Players in the US.

That's over 4 million wet gloves and skates after each & every game!

Hedgehog quick-dry™ tech dries soaking-wet skates & gloves in Minutes!

Plus with Hedgehog's Ionic Mode Odors will be a thing of the past 😮‍💨

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Modular Design

Hedgehog dryers are modular and can be extended as your family or team grows! The Hedgehog Family T2 dries 3 pairs standard and can be extended to dry 5 pairs with the Hedgehog Extension.

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Award-winning dryers

In 2022, we were awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design, MUSE Design Award, and NY Product Design Award, some of the largest and most prestigious design awards in the world.


Innovative technology

Hedgehog Dryers are premium dryers for shoes, boots, gloves and outdoor gear. They dry most shoes and gloves in 10-30 minutes, multiple times faster than other products on the market.

Hedgehog Dryers feature innovative turbo-technology, can remove odor and germs, have increased capacity, and have a sleeker design than existing shoe-drying solutions.

They also are designed to be module-based and sustainable, with a spare part program available.

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faster, smarter, safer

Hedgehog Dryers uses patented technology to create air pressure that forces the humidity of each shoe, mitten or glove.

✔️ Dries a pair of shoes or gloves in just 5-30 minutes.

✔️ Up to 5 times faster than similar dryers.

✔️ Patented turbine technology

✔️ Silent mode

✔️ Tornado mode for super fast drying

✔️ Adjustable heat

✔️ Up to 10-hour timer

✔️ Fire-safe ceramic heating element

✔️ Modular based.

✔️ 2 years warranty

✔️ Elegant Scandinavian Design

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