How far do you think "Hedgehog" jumps in Holmenkollen?


The winning length is 27.77 meters!

Our Hedgehog Dryer managed to jump 27 meters and 77 centimeters in Holmenkollen.

We will release the 10 winners soon, so hope you are the lucky one.

Have a great day!

Team Hedgehog

The length is 27.77 meters

De heldige vinnerene er:

Følgende 10 personer gjettet nærmeste lengde til 27,77 meter:

Hans Petter Vabog 27,32 meter
Martin Vik 27,50 meter
Hanne Sun Lysbakken 28,00 meter
Mia 28,00 meter
Harald 28,00 meter
Stian Johnsen 28,00 meter
Toril Skadsem 28,00 meter
Harry Tørholen 28,00 meter
Ronny Edvardsen 28,20 meter
Trine Opseth 28,20 meter

Dere vil motta en Hedgehog Buddy levert hjem til dere!

For dere som ikke vant kan dere bruke koden HOLMENKOLLEN, så får dere 25% rabatt i nettbutikken vår. Koden varer i en uke.

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Life is better with dry shoes and mittens!

Hedgehog is an award-winning shoe dryer from Hemsedal.

The unique thing about Hedgehog is its fast drying time, adjustable heat and speed. In addition, it is modular and can quickly dry up to 8 pairs of shoes, mittens, gloves and soon clothes.

In 15 months we have sold around 20,000 dryers and are now in 500 stores in the Nordics with Jernia, Elkjøp, Power and Maxbo. In 2022 we won the Red Dot in Germany for design, as well as MUSE and New York Product Design.

Have a nice and wet day! Erin, Bjorn, Eline, Anna, Martin, Mathias and Soren.


So, who is Hedgehog? or "Knerten" as the children call it?

Hedgehog was born on 15 October 2021 and is from Hemsedal. Father and mother are Bjørn and Erin, and he has 4 siblings, Eline, Anna, Martin and Mathias.

It all started when they moved from New York to Hemsedal, which had snow almost 9 months a year. After testing most of the dryers that didn't work, they decided to create the Hedgehog, which gets its name from the spikes that you hang your shoes and mittens on. It was better than expected and dries most things in 10-30 minutes.

Hedgehog is loved by the children and not least by adults, since the children themselves hang up both shoes and mittens now :)